Wednesday, 16 June 2010

#167: This Is Why She's My Marshmallow.

After the news that Toy Story 3 was sold out, we decided to just jump on the bike and ride into the mountains. With no destination in mind, we stopped off after an hour or so at a quaint lil spot called "Little Oil Pit", which despite the name... was quite a scenic little area.

While we were sitting there enjoying the rare sunshine and taking in the views, amongst the curious kiddies and disapproving old grannies - we pulled out our DS's and had a few games of multiplayer Puzzle Bobble.

I've found someone who feels just as at ease at bringing out a Gameboy in the middle of nowhere as they would at home. And it's magic.

When mountain hiking, it always amuses me to see other hiker's reactions when I bring out my DS along with my regular outdoorsy stuff, there's always the look of, "Why did you bring that?!"


I actually love hiking and going up high altitudes as much as I love my games and geekery. All I'm doing is combining my loves...

Think of your favourite dessert, a tiramisu, or a trifle, or something. Imagine eating that in your house, makes you smile, doesn't it?

Now imagine sitting in a meadow, under a warm blue sky, breeze blowing across the grass, and you're sharing that dessert with the person or the people that you love.


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