Friday, 18 June 2010

#169: Happens After Every Accident.

You keep replaying the events in your head.
You try to think of what you could've done differently.
You wonder if you could've reacted earlier.
If you should've swerved to the left or the right, into the side traffic.
You keep wondering...

But in the end, what happened, happened the way it did.
Even the driver came out and said that it wasn't our fault.

All you can do now is be thankful that nobody was seriously injured and that it's actually a good thing that The Grandfather took the brunt of the force. Otherwise the energy that went into crumpling up it's front end could've been directed into our bodies instead.

So now, the combination of paintball, a sudden cold and a traffic accident has left my body literally battered and bruised both on the inside and the outside... And I haven't been training in for over half a year...

I couldn't be in better condition to tackle Taiwan's highest mountain tmw! (^^)v

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