Thursday, 29 July 2010

#210: Long Haul.

What do flying long-distance, 3am laundry at the laundromat and high-altitude hiking all have in common?

I recently realised I love doing all of the above for the exact same reason.

They're all activities where I can focus - like really, purely focus on doing just one, single thing for an extended amount of time. I've been physically taken away from any distracting elements and I can just get one with whatever.

I can't do that at home or anywhere else (that has signal reception).

There's always something just around the corner to check out or one more thing to finish up before I move on. But when I'm in a plane, I'm almost forced to relax. When I'm doing laundry in the morning, the rhythm of the machines against the silence of the night is immensely soothing. When I'm hiking, the only thing you need to think about is how to tackle the next step.

I'm aware that I'm a forever distracted person, so these moments of clarity in purpose - they're pretty invaluable.

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