Friday, 30 July 2010

#211: Live Forever.

Two weeks ago, I received a phone call from my mother that my grandmother had entered a serious condition while she was in hospital. My mother said she might not make it through the night. My grandmother thought otherwise.

Within the next couple of the days, I was on the plane back home and by my grandmothers side. When I arrived, she was the weakest I had ever seen her, but still coherent enough to recognise me. Every few days, we would get an urgent phone call from the hospital and every few days, my grandmother would show them just what she was made of.

At eight minutes past midnight this morning Grandma Lee passed away peacefully in her sleep. She was able to see all of her children by her side before she joined Grandad Lee.

It's strange to think that while we might not have shared the same kind of relationship as we did with Grandad Lee, she's probably the grandparent I've inherited most of my core traits from - from her stubborn refusal-to-give-up-attitude to her stubborn... stubbornness. She also used to have that boiling-pot temper that a few people might recognise... heh!

Not understanding the concept of retirement, at 83yrs old my grandmother woke up at 5am every day to go to work in the family business, nobody forced her - she just decided that she wasn't gonna stop no matter what anybody said. In her more coherent moments in the hospital, she would still be asking about matters in the factory and checking that things were hunky dory.

More than anything else, Grandma Lee taught me loyalty, dedication and bloody well sticking to your commitments.

So that's where comes from.


Grandma Lee was the last of my grandparents to move on up.
Grandad Lee is gonna have to start behaving himself again. =)

- Grandma Lee (1927-2010) -
- Grandad Lee (1928-2009) -
- Grandma Lau (1926-2008) -
- Grandad Lau (1921-2005) -


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