Thursday, 23 September 2010

#266: From the North to the Sun & Moon, to the South, to an Imperial Goose's Neck.

7:45pm. Taipei. Roadtrip: Start!

10:02pm. Hi Emei Bye Emei.

11:40pm. DongShur. 100km of fresh twisty undulating tarmac all to myself. Shangri-la! Its here!

1:05am. Sun Moon Lake. Route21 you sexy thing, if I had 4 wheels I'd trace your curves even tighter and we'd both be tingly.

4:00am. XinYing. I got lost! In what smelled like redneck country?! At 3am! I've now seen real pitch blackness. Smells like mud+poo.

5:05am. Tainan. Extended pitstop. Pee. Looking outta place coz still in waterproofs from Taipei.

6:05am. Tainan. Breaktime over!

9:05am. PingBu. My god the roads between Tainan and Kaosiung are smelly. Pee and poo. Yet couldnt see any farms?!?

10:30am. Kenting. Made it. My bum hurts.

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