Friday, 24 September 2010

#267: From the Goose's Neck to the East, to a Lotus Flower, to an Orchid, to the North.

5:00am. Kenting. Want to set off now but blinds are down on the front of the hotel?! Wtf! Locked in! Thinking of climbing out the window.

5:08pm. Kenting. Freedom! Taipei, see you at dinnertime.

7:30am. Taidong. Route9 is officially my fav road in the world. Had to ride thru rubble tho. Some sectio ns were utterly destroyed.

9:05am. FongBin Tropic of Cancer marker. I've seen more old ppl on mobility scooters than I've seen cars, bikes and trucks combined.

11:00am. XinCheng. Umm... I'm running about 3hrs ahead of schedule. (O.o)

3:30pm. Taipei. Roadtrip: Done!

(Batteries ran out earlier, but, for completion..) 1:30pm. Yilan. Crap, phone outta batteries. Now, where's my sextant...

This is the route I took, including detours and missed turnings.

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