Monday, 27 September 2010

#270: I Have The Same Problem When Ordering for Large Groups

When packing up the apartment and sending stuff home, I thought I'd left just enough stuff behind to fill the suitcase and leave a bit of extra room for touristy stuff in Bali.

By the time I'd put everything into the suitcase I had to unzip the expandable lining and could barely lift the damn thing down the stairs.

When I got a hold of some scales it turned out the final package came out to over 50kg.

Umm... whoops.

After getting another box or two from the post office I left nothing to chance. My suitcase is now refreshingly empty.

Though now all I have to last me the next two and a half weeks are two pairs of pants, a sock and a coupla tennis balls that I use as laundry balls. I think it'll be ok.

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